Autentica Piel S.L.U.
Address: Avda. Pantano de los Hurones, 1
11600 Ubrique (Cádiz) Spain
Long Business Description:

Auténtica Piel, S.L., is one of the few companies specialized exclusively in the manufacture of leather belts and related accessories of leather goods, made up of professionals with more than 30 years of experience and a great knowledge of our industry. Our experience and know-how is endorsed by the manufacture for large firms and designers of great prestige and international recognition that come to us in search of a quality and exclusive product, as well as an effective service.

Business Website Address: Autentica Leather Belts Factory Spain
Business Phone Number: +34 956 466 415
Address: Avda de Cádiz, 47.
11600 Ubrique (Cádiz) - Spain.
Long Business Description:

We are Leather Goods Manufacturers. Amongst all of our clients, one can find important high end fashion brands, as well as international freelance designers who have trusted our “know how” for decades. The fact that these high end brands choose our company, is an incentive that makes us keep offering products at the highest quality standards. Our slogan and motto is to get the following five points: Development on time, Delivery on time, Quality, Price and Communication.

Business Website Address: Piñavall
Business Phone Number: +34 956 464166

If you have questions about Ubrique, the trip or the leather goods manufacturing do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to answer your questions.

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Avda de Cádiz, 47

11600 Ubrique (Cádiz) Spain

Phone/WhatsApp: +34 685 46 47 45

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